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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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security forces moved in on scene with we know that ten gunmen went on a sight rampage at raddison blue in a car with diplomatic plates the government in mali said 20 hostages have been freed, those who were able to recite versus of the koran were let go. so many are being held. the embassy there tweeted all united states citizens are asked to shelter in place. president obama has been previoused on the situation. the paris attacks were a week ago today and it is important to note that mali has strong ties with france with france enter conveniencing when the north fell under islamist control. >> we have new developments in paris, as well, a third body is now found at a home raided by police in france. authorities are now trying to confirm man's oyster.
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police have positively identified the woman killed in the raid as the cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud, the mastermind behind friday's terrorist attacks in paris who was also killed. authorities are now turn their attention on finding abdeslam salah one of the attackers last seen driving to the belgium boarder. he was stopped and questioned by police but they let him go. stateside, dozens of being monitored that pose a high threat of carrying out an attack in the united states. >> now, students formed a peace symbol last night using candles, with the candlelight vigil their way of showing they will not give in to fear. stay with abc for latest on the paris attacks and on top of break news by down leading our abc news app. >> happening today, this
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morning, the san francisco -- developing news in oakland, a miss stand off is over. a s.w.a.t. team tried to make contact with a man wanted for murder who barricaded himself inside the motel 6 near the coliseum. officers moved in this morning and the alameda county coroner later i moved a body from the motel room. it is believed to be the suspect, 18-year-old jason brown, who is suspected in a double shooting in a c.v.s. parking lot in livermore last month that left a man dead and another wounded. >> this morning, the san francisco public defender said a man beaten by two sheriff deputy may not resue the use his arm. at male county sheriff deputies were showed hitting stanislav patrov after he was led on a car
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chase in san leandro. he had surgery again yesterday to insert metal rods into his arrest. >> good news, fresh crab could be headed to the dinner table with the crab congratulate off san francisco and half moon bay no long are contain dangerous levels of toxins. health officials will look at results today. there is still a statehouse warning for all rock and dungeness caught between oregon border and santa barbara county. >> the university of california system is opening its doors to thousands more california undergraduates. the regents have signed off on a plan to boost enrollment by 10,000 students over the next three years including 5,000 additional freshmen and transfer constitutes cross the nine undergraduate campuses. regents will voted to teen tuition the same until 2017 when students will face a 3 percent increase. >> the owners of the only mobile
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home park are filing a lawsuit against the city to try to shut down their own business. the family is in a dispute with the city over their right to take the mobile home park off the rental market. this year, the city determined they could close done if they pay $8 million to help their tenants reelect. but the mobile home park owners say this is way more than reasonable. >> this only, the warriors are just two wins away from matching the best start in nab history after a huge come back over the clippers if los angeles. >> yes, it was huge, they trailed difficult 23 popes in second quarter and at the end of the quarter green brought them with in six and with two minutes left, kentucky put -- steph curry put them ahead for good and then the win was sealed with the warriors beating clippers 124-117. steph curry got 40-plus points.
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aevery game is different. stay in the moment. stay in the moment. a new story this year and we have to enjoy the process so it will be fun games, and some games are not pretty but we have to make the play on the stretch and we did it tonight. >> the warriors are now just the fifth team to start 10-0 and when a record 17 in a row last year and won the best 25 straight games at oracle arena with the last home loss to the bulls in john. and they visit tonight. tip-off is 7:30. >> i don't know if you heard me signaturing the fight song? >> i heard you. >> warriors, you are were watching the weather. >> it will be warmer in stanford than at cal last week. fun game. cold. we are up to telephone degrees warmer in santa rosa and the rest of us are two to four degrees warmer with the big
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game forecast in 15 minutes. in san francisco, glen park is 60. sunny side is 58. downtown and bayview and mission and crissy field, ocean beach, 57. coming through the ferry building, 59, and to the financial district, it is 58, the warmest spot but pacifica is 58. we have richmond at 55, and san leandro at 50 along with union city and pittsburg and healdsburg 50 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 40s and walnut creek at 46. the golden gate bridge has an east and northeast wind with off shore breeze and we will near some records inland and we set one if santa rosa and close, again, today in napa at the airplane, and 61 to 64 around the coast and 66 to 72. and walnut creek is 60s and 70s saturday and sunday and more 60 on monday, with an update open wet weather coming up. >> the bay bridge toll plaza for friday, so far so good.
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no metering lights, no delays getting interest san francisco, and everything is moving at speed limits. one area of problems in the san jose area, north 880, we do have reports of an accident and it should be clearing out on to the shoulder but you could find residual slow traffic and otherwise, the road work, southbound 280, foothill expressway to cupertino and wolf road, and we do is road work approaching the bay bridge, rather, the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 with a lane closed until 5:00. continuing road work along petaluma river bridge and approaching there, northbound 101, you are down to one lane here and that is approaching petaluma. >> thank you very much. good to see you. 4:37. happening today, police in south stretch are putting extra patrols on the street and offering free home security checks following a rash of home burglaries and break-ins. amy hollyfield? >> yes, if you want to see how
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concerned residents really are just look at this video. this is a community meeting held last night with the police department. it was packed. there have been 14 home burglars in the neighborhood if less -- in less than a movement the police chief said they appear to be knocking on the door first and breaking if through a back door if they think no one is home. residents say they learned a lot. >> i am taking away that i need to go in and look at safety measures to take whether it is ifing our fence, putting a look on our fence, looking at our back door. >> this is the land of the free but it is not because we have to keep our doors closed and stay inside because people are out there stealing. >> the chief believe those have identified possible suspects but they are still loose. officers have stepped up patrols. on sunday, a 679-year-old woman woke up to fine burglars in her
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bedroom. we will hear from her next report at 5:30. thank you, amy hollyfield. a stand for protest against fossil fuel investments is stretching into day five. next, the threat campus laters are making this morning against protesting students. >> the house of representatives votes to keep syrian refugees from coming to the united states. hear from a refugee in the bay area whose family is stuck overseas. overseas. stay tuned.
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 4:42. the united states senate in reaction to paris will take up a bill to keep syrian refugees out of the united states. some democrats are promising to get it. yesterday, the house of representatives passed the republican authored proposal with a veto-roof majority. the legislation would require national security officials to certify each refugee is not a security threat and require positively reports on the add motions and screening process to congress. this morning, a syrian refugee who now calls the bay area him is afraid of what is next for his family stuck overseas. here is more. >> 150 folders one for each refugee family catholic
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charities resettled here the one here represents the only family this year who made it out of syria and into oakland. it is a dream for me the. >> it took him and his wife and two daughter to years to get to the bay area after escaping the assad regime. >> catholic charities helped find clothing and jobs. >> now the organization huddles to figure out what it means if the united states puts extra scrutiny on one group. >> the refugees that arrive in the united states are probably the most thoroughly vetted group of people arriving in the united states. >> eight months into his american life mohammed waits for his parents and siblings stuck in jordan. he temperatures me that he would like americans to embrace syrian refugees and they need a place where they are safe. the current political climate he wonders how long it will be before the next syrian family is
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cleared for arrive. >> happening today, stanford university president will meet with protesters who are demanding that the school sell shares in fossil fuel companies. 80 students have been camped outside the administration building since monday. officials agreed to meet yesterday but they are threatening academic penalties and the possibility of peaces action unless they end the it is in. the group wants the university to die vote of fully before next month moves climate change summit in paris. thank you is good news for san francisco's fire department. plans are reaching parents faster than they did a year ago according to a new audit. san francisco's budget analyst said mapses are arriving at emergencies closer to the city goal of ten minutes at 90 percent of the time. last year they arrived on average more than 14 minutes after being called. >> if you party if san francisco until the wee hours of night on
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weekend us are losing an option for the ride home with bart discontinuing a bus service that starts in san francisco and ends at bart pittsburg station one of several in a pilot project that start add area ago. bart said this were too few riders to scruff the operating cost of $200 a tip with added weekend runs from san francisco to richmond and bay fair will continue. >> tonight, cal is holding a rally for a game and a firewor display. >> a game? >> it is a big game. it is as the stadium but now the usual bonfire and the cars open at 6:30. >> because of the drought, this is a change. tomorrow the golden bears will try to make a win over 11th ranked stand for. last year cardinals smoothered the offense at 38-17, stanford's 5th win in a row over cal.
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>> the 118th game is at stanford. if you are not going you can watch it on our sister network, espn. kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. >> the divided cah-stanford households. how fun. >> go stanford, too. >> fair and balanced. >> who is the weather? great. starting temperatures in the mid-60s and falling into 50 with specific numbers in five minutes. it will not be so chill asy as last weekend. you can see it is clear, with a cloud or two moving law and light winds this morning and what you will notice when you step outside you do not need a heavy coat as early this week. from sutro tower you can see how calm and clean the air is. this morning. it is amazing we are going do have warm sunshine and a light breeze and a record around santa rosa without having the side ever februarys being "spare the
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air" with warm the through the welcome and it look like shower on wednesday and a chilly blast after that for thanksgiving. temperatures today are low 70s. 70 to 72 degrees. very narrow margin across the south bay and up the peninsula we see if we have changes with 70s at redwood city and palo alto and mountain view and los altos, and look at half moon bay, 64 degrees today. sunset at 63. in the mid-to-upper 60s downtown, south san francisco, brisbane, all the way over to sausalito and tiburon and mid-60s for bodega bay and look at the low-to-mid 70's through north bay valley and napa at 74 and the airport is tying a record at 75 at santa rosa and that set as record at two in a row for a set record there yesterday. oakland is 71. hercules and castro valley and union city at 70 and everyone else in the upper 60s and headed into the inland east bay, concord is not an official reporting station yet because they have not had the 30-year
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run but this is the warmest day since records, the warmest november 20. look at that, 74 in brentwood and heading to livermore at 73. 40s and 50s with fog in the central valley. now, the setup shows the high pressure is not beginning anywhere and although the storm track is closer to us than yesterday, the warmth is going to hang through the weekend and we could have a few more high clouds. we will flip the switch and that happens on tuesday with temperatures dropping 5- to 10-degrees into the fits and 60s and we are stuck in the 50s with wind, blue stepy conditions on wednesday and thanksgiving is looking dry but mid-50s. >> it is friday. so for, so if, we are look at friday light through san rafael, southbound the tail lights are headed beyond the civic center to lincoln and central san rafael. a couple of problem spots, at san jose, northbound 880 at stevens creek a car on the right shoulder.
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that causing delays. we will have get the tow truck out there. toward the fairfield area, westbound 8930 at the parkway, we have a car spun out on the right hand shoulder so, again, traffic is get by okay but want out if you are headed westbound toward the petaluma area north 101 that is where the gas station is and we had an early accident there. continuing road work over the petaluma river bridge. that is ongoing and it is a dangerous stretch. take the speeds down a bit. >> comcast has a new streaming video service. here is the tech bytes this morning. >> comcast has a new streaming service for $50 that will not country against data caps. you can watch unlimited live tv programing and thousands of on demand movies on the mobile devices. this service is being tested in chicago and plans to go national next year. >> a long awaited "adele," is available but the catch you got to pay for it.
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>> the singing superstar is saying no streaming services like apple music, spotify or pandora, and "25," is for sale on cd or through itunes >> hundreds of bay area high school students are coming together today to help feed their neighbors in need, and coming up, what can you do to help meet a challenging goal. >> police stop a car with bad tags and rather than a citation the officers open their hearts. >> and now, the san francisco skyline we will tell you about skyline we will tell you about weather
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> here is something you do not see every day. while you were sleeping workers were loading taco bell's first store, the entire store, on to a flatbed truck and began moving it to the headquarters. it was built 45 miles away back in 1962 and it is going to stay in storage until the company figures out what to do with it. if you have an idea taco bell is taking suggestions from customers. >> happening today the largest holiday food drives underway on the peninsula could be one for the history books, san mateo high school students are trying to break their world record while hoping those in need collecting more than 150,000 pounds of food. they have 10 days to do it. the holiday food drive starts at
4:54 am
7:35 and goes through november 30. all donations benefit the samaritan house at second harvest food bank. they were there last year at trader joe's and just picking up a couple of cans helps them beat their world record. >> the most adorable holiday traditions is underway today in san francisco. >> a hint: taking place at macy's union square, publiccor puppies and kittens in need of loving homes are featured at the holiday window display with the theme a charlie brown christmas. each window has a camera that centrals the video so you can catch of the adorableness on the computer. people adopted 267 pets an the holiday weapons last year. >> now a check on the weather. does it family more like autumn or spring? >> spring. take a puppy and take them for a walk. we are panned with the san
4:55 am
francisco spca with perfect pet. we have the marin humane sold during the midday she. a big game forecast, cal and stanford at 55 at 7:30 dropping to 49. we will be chilly by the end evidence game at 11 o'clock. traveling around the stay, the 70s in chico and sacramento, mid-60s and sunshine around machine dry and fresno and mid-80s in los angeles and palm springs and the lake tahoe seven-day forecast, snow on tuesday and wednesday and a chilly breeze for thanksgiving day. >> snow sounds great. closer to home we are looking at smooth sailing through the macarthur maze with no issues for the bay bridge toll plaza. we are getting word from bart there is a 10-minute delay in the west oakland area headed to san francisco because of equipment problems. factor that into the only commute. eastbound 580, c.h.p. is unclear on the exact location of the incident and we will follow it and it looks like there is a problem in the dublin
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interchange. facebook is trying to ease the pain of breaking up. it is testing a new feature to let people who split up with a spouse or partner avoid seeing their ex lover's post and pictures. it will ask a series of questions when you change your stat to us single including if you want to hide photos of your ex or un-friend them. they will test the breakup protection in the united states before deciding what to offer it to all of the 1.5 billion account holders. >> put down your toothbrush and get to the tv. >> this could be the cutest most harm warming story you will hear all day. >> a kansas dad and his kids were on the way to fill up the car and the cops pulled them over. the father was afraid he would get hit with hundreds in fine because the tags were expired and he did not have insurance. the officers took at look at 9 kids' condition and decided at another course of action:
4:57 am
shopping. they said i could take what i want. i really like american dolls. and i never got one. >> they were really nice to us. so i...i picked out a >> yes, she did. the officers spent $300 of their own money on dolls, toys and shoes and clothes for the kids. >> friends for life, right? >> let the holiday travel crunch begin, at 5:00, the huge crowd expected at the bay area airports today as travelers deal with concerns of their safety in the wake of the paris attacks. >> criminal answer made against the men of the oakland city council and a short bake.
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the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it and 5:00 a.m. on friday morning. thank you for the company. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> a look of weather and traffic. it is warm, mike? >> yes, in the fists and no fog to speak of and over the next three hours hardly a cloud. let alone any wet weather for the commute. this is how it looks from sutro tower you can see how clean the air is. we are 42 to 52 and to sunshine and 62 at the coast and 70 inland. 62 at 4:00, to 72 at 4:00. so we are looking spring like. in


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